Build your website – Concepts and tools

You are building your first website and you don’t know where to start ? 
I hope this page will help you a bit ! 

1 - Concepts

Domain name

A domain name is the address your customer is going to use to reach your website : for instance
(More in depth here : Thanks Emma ! )

For a given domain, you could have different subdomain : for instance or

Once you buy a domain, all the possible subdomain are yours. 

Pricing : This costs in general around 20$/y

Server / Host

A server or host is an actual computer located somewhere in the world (or what people  define as the “cloud”).

This website is for example running on a computer in France, provided by OVH

You have plenty of options for providers and can find different benchmarks based on your location and performance needs

Pricing : While it depends on the machine specifications, you could have a server for 100$/y

How are domain names and hosts related ? 

A domain name (and sub domain names) points to a specific server / host.
In other words : If someone types your domain name in the browser, the browser would then retrieve the content on a specific host.

For more details :

As a business owner, you could have multiple domain names (, but pointing to the same server or even the same website


You therefore have different kind of providers : domain providers, hosting providers, sometimes both (like OVH) 

Some providers also offers some package solutions (domain + hosting + website tools – see below).

Examples :

2 - Tools

Most popular tool out there, easy to use. Comes as cheap for basic functionalities, but becomes pretty expensive when you start adding features (calendars, eshop, etc…) 


 “WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites,[5] including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019″
While the plateform may need a longer time to get familiar with, it is free and massively used around the world. It also comes with an impressive number of free plugins to add any sort of features to your website


Joomla is an other free platform, coming with plenty of free plugins. 
However, I find it less user friendly


You recommend an other platform ? Leave a comment ! 

3 - Where to start ?

Get your own idea !

Test what you can – Wix / WordPress

Still don t know ?

Contact me, I provide free wordpress test sites. 

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